Sofya Baskin

Hello! It is my web site!

I am a biologist, I now work at the Tauber Bioinformatics Center at the University of Haifa, investigating genetic of dog behavior. My PhD topic was ethology analysis of interactions humans with dogs, horses and cows. I practiced for 10 years as an animal behavioral consultant in Russia.  My online community called School of Applied Ethology (almost 1500 participants), where people can communicate, get consultation or study animal behavior (link – mostly in Russian language yet).

I believe new technologies have a great potential for improving animal welfare in many problematic areas of animal keeping or animal investigation. For more details on our work with Anna Zamansky, please visit our website.

Areas of expertise:
The expeditions: the state nature reserves “Askania-Nova” (Ukraine), “Bryansky les” (Bryansk region), “Kandalakshsky” (Karelia region), “Les na Vorskle” (Belgorod region), “Prioksko-Terrasny” (Moscow region), “Tsentralno-Lesnoy” (Tver region), «Kologriv» (Kostroma region), «Kaluzhskie zaseki» (Kaluga region), “Voronezhsky” (Voronezh region); the national park Orlovskoe polesye” (researches of ecology of wild animals).Professional Experience:
2008-2010 — Junior Researcher in Severtsov’s Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Science
2005 -2008 Laboratory assistant in the Lomonosov’s Moscow State University.

Other Relevant Experience:
2005 up to now private practice as an Animal Behaviorist (dogs, cats, horses) and as a Dog Trainer (obedience, tricks, dogs as a chemical detectors)
2012 teacher. A three-day workshop on efficiency and long life dogs-detectors (dogs trained to search for explosives and drugs). The seminar was organized by «Gazprom-Yamburg».
2011 Blogger in gorillas blog
2010-2011 — Expert-behaviorist in magazine for dog-lovers
2006-2009 Expert-behaviorist in “My Horse” magazine.
2004 -2007 Lecturer at School of Young Handlers attached to Russian Dog-breeders Federation.
2007 Scientific editor of “Horse Riding” Moira C.Harris & Lis Clegg, ASTrel, Moscow
2006 Translating from English into Russian: “Horse and Pony” Sandy Ransford, ASTrel, Moscow
2006 Teacher at seminar for “Horse behavior problems” by invitation of the private riding club “Happy companion”, Saint-Petersburg
2005-2006 Writer of science-popular book “Horse mind”(in Russian), ASTrel, Moscow
2005 Translating from English into Russian: “Understanding Your Horse” Michael Peace & Lesley Bayley , ASTrel, Moscow. 160 P
2004-2005 Translating from English into Russian: “Complete Horse Riding Manual” William Micklem, ASTrel, Moscow. 400 P.
2004-2005 Animal behavior consultant in the horse-riding club “Rapsodiya”
2004-2005 Teacher at evening school of horse riding trainer and riding-master (horse behavior and behavioral problems)
2003-2004 Lecturer at Moscow school of Ecological education (ecology, zoology biology)
since 1994 –2004 annually: lecturer at the junior club in Moscow Zoo


Hebrew, English and Russian.

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And more than 150 scientific-popular articles in different magazines (Cosmopolitan-Russia, My Horse, Horse World, Dog Friend, Cat Friend, Snob, Animal Breeding and others).

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