Olga Ulyanko

Olga UlyankoOlga Ulyanko – high qualified dog trainer in Moscow, animal behaviorist and she speaks English fluently.

Graduated from Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2010. Obtained a Master’s degree in Zoology. Theme of thesis : “Dog puppies’ behaviour towards their owners and strangers in a test situation.” Also thoroughly studied attachment behaviour of dogs towards their owners.

From October 2009 till May 2010 studied in Moscow Kynological Club and obtained Russian Kynological Federation speciality in working dogs qualities and sports.

From October 2008 till December 2011 worked in the Dog Training School at Izmailovo Kynological Centre.

You can also find articles under Olga’s authorship in the magazine “Moi droug sobaka”, section Dog training.

Gave seminars during Domestic Animals Festival in Moscow celebrated in July 2013. Themes of seminars:

  • “Stages of puppy’s development: what to expect and how to cope with it?”
  • “ How to communicate with your dog and be understood”.
  • “Dog training equipment.”

Currently specializes in consulting on dog behaviour problems, dog training, clicker- and trick-training.


E-mail for contact: mlkshake@yandex.ru.


Call or write a letter with subject line “training”, specifying breed, sex and age of the dog, area of ​​the City of Moscow and your phone number – Olga will get back to you.